BILLIONS Of Dollars Were Just Now Minted By Tether: What Is Happening?!

The strangest thing just happened right now: tether just printed minted is what they use actually, according to whale alert on Twitter, another 5 billion dollars on the Tron blockchain, just as ya know, Kiwi wants to hear.

Okay, I'll, tell everybody so Jim sorry, just as the Bitcoin price had dropped below $ 11,000, it was like ten thousand nine hundred. I'm, like let me refresh black folio. Let me see they continued down, as some people works.

Expect expecting it to happen, you know them for the big one price continued to crash Etha ratio, the bottom one I mean I mean - let me refresh, but let me see what's, going on see what's going on. You know.

Let me see what's going on with chain link because, apparently with chain link, the team has been selling millions of dollars worth of chain link that they were, but they raised during the ICL because they wanted to hire new team members.

Because the CEO said they're scaling and that caused the price of chain link to drop like 25 percent close to three bucks, yada yada. So let me go see what's up and then the price for Bitcoin was suddenly like at eleven thousand two hundred, I thought okay, normal kind of normal right, huge volatility Bitcoin until I see that frickin five billion dollars was printed.

Is that being used to buy Bitcoin quantitative, easing cryptocurrency has its own Federal Reserve and it might be called Tevin geez man it's like they really are trying to print as much as possible for the New York Attorney General brings down the hammer Which seems to be on its way itself, we might get that wish they might uh, they might have go ahead, so they might try to print a quadrillion tethers and buy up all the Bitcoin, and I mean it's.

All rich. I'm just kidding anyway. I hope you guys having a good weekend so far there's been not a crazy amounts of report, except for that I'm gonna continue to moderate that situation also and risen topless.

I talking about his video yesterday, tweeted at him follow Friday, like he's like I tagged him a bunch of times on Twitter, saying, follow this guy, this guy, who's, unwavering really in his beliefs when it comes to Bitcoin and Spreading adoption of Bitcoin for years, one of those guys has just been so steadfast and he responded that you know I to send him on Twitter.

I sent him a message saying you know. I would love to have you on the show one day and he said yeah just put in a request on my website. So hopefully we can get the legendary and resident innopolis to talk directly with us about Facebook and what he thinks about that, and - and we can talk about tether as well as we could talk about anything, but I would be very excited to.

He accepts that invitation. A room an email seems like he is interested in doing that, but for now I just wish you well right now. I want to know what you guys are doing. Are you guys hot lling or you guys, dollar-cost averaging? Do you guys think we're going down to 6 K? I'm.

I, as I said, I've, been sold. Some of my crypto more trading amount, not what I Hottel and I'm, still waiting to see what I do with that. It's just waiting on the side. I just got some cash on side ready to die back in, but I'm, not feeling confident enough at this point, as I kind of alluded to yesterday, but it's insane.

How tether just possibly bid the market up so hot right, quick anyways, take care guys. I love you crypto out.