EXCLUSIVE NEWS - CoinMarketCap Releasing Major Overhaul & Features

Hello, everyone and welcome back the Kryptos news so um this is kind of like a breaking video but kind of not. But you know I like to give you guys many times you guys asked for the information that is most pertinent.

You're, like can I get news on the spot when it's happening, and I'm, like sure in the situation, so I just got a press release from a company and usually I get stuff all the time, But if it's, not something that most people are using, then I'll, ignore it.

I'll, just be like whatever, but this is something I think that's important for this space, and I'd, like to be the first to break the news for you guys. So I got wind of a press release that's coming out tomorrow, and I want to make sure you guys are the first to know related to coin market cap now I know some people hate coin market cap.

I'm, not yeah. I know y'all like coin gecko or on chain effects, but you can & # 39. T argue that coin market cap is kind of a place. It's, one of the first websites that you end up that after coin base and you download the block folio app and it's, a good starting point for a lot of people.

Whether you think the information is right or not. But I do think that they do support the network crypto network in many different ways, and so they're gonna be doing some three new things gonna be releasing a mobile application.

Oh, if you got I Oh s, I'm, an Android guy so whatever and it's. Gon na have tracking features so kind of like black folio, but black folio isn't. Gon na have to pull coin market cap or wherever they got the information from.

In order to pull this, you're gonna have quicker more accurate info, and if coin market cap I don't remember time that they've actually been down. I can't off the top of my head, so that should be really good if they & # 39, ve, finally developed an app so that's.

A positive thing to see with the watchlist included, also gonna, be a rebranding. The website, so they're gonna, have a new logo. I haven't seen it yet it's, not on the press release, but I'm gonna have to check it out tomorrow, but it's.

Gon na have CMC focused on what they do best. They said simplicity and accuracy, and it's also gonna reflect with its design the ups and downs of the market, so that's. Kind of cool I'm - excited to see how they pull that one off or what kind of artist they got to do that and the last part has to do with upgrades to their API.

So they're, apparently getting their API requests of something like million a day, some stupid ridiculous amount. They said so let me see, I actually had the thing here, never mind. Whatever they're gonna be upgrading their API and making it easier to plug into coin market cap to get the information you all need so yeah.

I want to make sure you guys know first and breaking cover. Anyway. We're gonna be a crypto, invest some summit tomorrow, my little brother and I so I might not be able to make news video, but you know I hope, y & # 39.

All do well and hopefully again I meet many of you guys out there much love and stay cryptic peace.