Massive Vulnerability For Certain Hardware Wallets Disclosed | Futures Interest Explosion | CashApp

Check it guys so when it comes to this channel, I feel like there is a strict need to inform you about things that are important and there is something that you need to know. If you hold a be wallet the Bitcoin logo, I think a keep key.

A treasure, a treasure T, based on a report that I found posted on Twitter by eath gas station. So this is something you guys need to be aware of, because if someone gets physical access to one of those devices, if you have crypto in it for about a hundred dollars using something called an extractor board, somebody will be able to brute force your device and Within five minutes extract your seed phrase and your private key that's, uh that's pretty rough, and you know it sucks, because I understand that these companies work really hard on their security.

I understand that many of you own one of those devices, treszura specially being the first Hardware wallet but basically before used to cost about a hundred thousand dollars to get the equipment necessary and about 24 hours to brute-force one of these devices.

So it might not have been worth it, but now for a hundred bucks. If someone has one of these boards, they're able to take through the your device and and and take your funds out of it. The details, thankfully weren't published completely, so take it kind of with a grain of salt, but also not because if gas station is reliable, source of information that I've used for a long time in this space.

When it comes to fees, oh shoot, I get to order. I'm gonna get some Popeyes Popeyes is so good support, Popeyes, Dan and Louisiana hello hi. Can I get a number three, the chicken spicy dr. pepper, so I ordered mashed potatoes and the macaroni and cheese nah actually can, I also add some of the Cajun rice, a regular size of that and lastly, as you yeah and lastly, would you mind throwing in Two honey mustard.

Please! Thank you, sorry about that guys, anyway, um. You need to be aware of that. Luckily, they didn't. They didn't, write all the full details as to how one you guys can make one of these boards. They said you can pick up the parts really easily at any electronical store electronics store to do it.

They did not publish that. You know it's. Some of that chip. Information on these devices, which are open source of most part, but the chip is closed source. They were able to figure out how to do this.

They said that's kind of scary. I mean we buy these devices, so we can protect ourselves. We put seed phrases and mnemonic freezes on them so that people, even if they get access some pins right, so even if they get access this device, they wouldn't be able to get that.

But apparently one of these extract tour boards. I think it's extractor with a/k/a p.m. extracts, for this would be feasible, so maybe consider looking into that a little bit more and if you value the amount of crypto you have in there look for somewhere all safe.

To put it, I personally recommend the ledger. They said it. Doesn't have the same problem. However, if you do have one of these, they said that if you put a thirty seven word seed phrase, you would be a lot safer closer to something like a twenty four word seed phrase with one of those devices.

So, for example, I'm, giving you I'm, giving away one of those key keys, and it kind of sucks right through that through the giveaway with shape-shifts it's, funny the shape-shift. It really only works with treasure and keep key at this point shape ship 2.

0. But if one of you wins, I'm going to do that giveaway. When I get back on the 9th or the 10th, I'm gonna go ahead and announce who won that that keep key, and you can answer by putting your email under that video with shape shift the interview.

Well, I would recommend a thirty seven word seed phrase if you are gonna use that device, if not the ledger, I always put links in the description. Many of you guys have that that's, that's kind of been my go-to and those don't seem to have the same the same code base as the treasurer.

So you would be a little bit safer, but just be careful out there guys I wanted to give you a heads up. You might not be as safe as you might think. If you have one of those devices Jesus hot also, you know it's.

It's. It's, a good time to be really really paranoid about your security. The cme has published some information. They are up huge amounts and accounts are trading futures for bitcoins, so they're up to 3,000.

Most 3,000 accounts this year. They're up 1,000 brand new accounts, hello. There you go. Thank you, [ Music ]. Thank you. They were handing it. Oh no worries. Thank you. Did you put honey monsters bite each other? Oh, thank you like bandits.

Oh thank you. We failed. They wanted to give us our dirty fiat credit card back dang anyway, yeah they're up huge amounts. So more institutional interest each account holding over 25 Bitcoin. There are a lot more accounts now that are holding over 25 in those contracts, so you could say that those have been leveling up quite nicely.

I heard I haven't verified CME, Bitcoin futures are back, so they were supposed to have the last contract in June and they're back. That's, funny yeah. Now that the price is going back up and people were interested now you care now we really know who are the the people who really like support Bitcoin in the good times and the bad times right.

Even Goldman Sachs right like getting involved in Polonia, acts in the throws of the bear market. It shows that they are not giving up on this, but the Chicago Mercantile Exchange is a little bit more shifty and also the heads up there.

I forgot to mention many of you know this already cash app if you use a cash app Square cash, app founded by Jack Dorsey, who also created Twitter, just a big person in the space. Of course, he and his team have enabled the ability to withdraw and deposit your crypto.

Now on the cash out before you, couldn't do that you actually could only buy and sell there and it just kind of lived there as a number. But now you can do depositing withdrawals so that's, a fantastic upgrade to that platform and makes me want to trust it a little bit more when it comes to buying or selling.

Anyway. I'm sorry about the fast food adventure that we just went through together. If it was troublesome to you guys, but I think it's. A throwback to back in the day remember Miami Beach and we would go to McDonald's.

We've, upgraded to Popeyes, now, ah good times ahead. Much love stay cryptic and be safe out. There protected Krypton these good times.