True Or False: Visionary Bitcoin Creator To Reveal Identity Today, Or An Elaborate PR Stunt Move?

Every one and we'll, come back to cryptos news on this fine Sunday, where we got a nice little bump in the markets. Let's, see what's, going on with the Bitcoin prices right now, ELLs, making an avocado toast Wallace is enjoying a good lick of the couch.

Are you doing? I know it says foot bitcoins at ten thousand three hundred ninety dollars. If theorem had a nice day, actually along with X R P, so x, RP is up nine point. Sixty eight percent getting some relief and if theorem is up 7.

3 percent, while bitcoin is up two percent, let's, see if there's, anything notable moving down the list here is e cash of ten percent. Ah, look the big winner. It's Kim token, something I guess related to regulations must have come out really nice for them.

I suppose, and something called RI F token I'm, not familiar with, is up 21 point. Eighty two percent, the big thing I wanted to just really quickly get out there - is that we're supposedly hearing that Satoshi Nakamoto will be revealing himself in about an hour.

So at 4:00 p.m. eastern Pacific time it's. Gon na be 1203 Pacific. I know again another one, so this was by Macklemore appeal of PR company that apparently has been business for a very long time over 20 years.

Reputable and the website is IP McLemore comm published a press release for a company called Satoshi, Nakamoto Renaissance Holdings, and so what they said is, after a decade of benign and AB anonymity, Satoshi Nakamoto will break a silence in part.

One of his my reveal on Sunday August 18th, 4:00 p.m. Eastern Time on the Satoshi Nakamoto Renaissance Holdings website, which is WWE and Rh calm and the IV McLemore & amp associates website. So the PR company website IV macklemore calm in addition to the real-life identity.

They said in the press release the comodo will use my reveal to that bull such facts as his country of origin, education, professional background and why he has yet to move any of his 980,000 bitcoins.

Is that the right way to pluralize Bitcoin anyway? He's going to supposedly beginning us his real identity, along with a bunch of other information. They say here indicated of his compelling he presents in each part of the series.

Nakamoto will illustrate the role that ciphers and encryption related to his devotion to Chaldean numerology played in many decisions in the creation of Bitcoin Nakamoto also disclosed why he chose that August 18th, not only to register Bitcoin Oregon 2008, which nobody really is sure of who registered It it was anonymous speech that's, something the website where you don't even need a credit card to register a domain that suppose the system Satoshi Nakamoto had registered Bitcoin org before he released a white paper, but also ready to Release part 1 of the my reveal this coming Sunday on the 11th anniversary of his registration of Bitcoin Dada Road through anonymous Beach com.

There we go macaroons revelations will come like Tuesday in part 3, with his introduction of tabula rasa. His clean slate vision for bitcoins transformational, rebirth and the declaration of his identity.

So I see a possible Florrick of Bitcoin or their entry introduction of a new Bitcoin. And if you're, not familiar with tabula rasa according to Wikipedia, which was the inspiration for this new name, is the theory that individuals born without built-in mental content content and therefore all knowledge comes from experience or perception.

So maybe he's, not happy with the direction that Bitcoin has taken. It finishes off this PR post by talking about Satoshi, Nakamoto, renaissance holdings and SNR is the business of providing is in the business of providing superior blocking technologies to help transforms people's lives.

So that sounds like that. Doesn't really sound like Satoshi Satoshi. They're in the business, providing superior blockchain technologies to help transform people's lives interesting and IV. Macklemore is a digital marketing and PR agency that specializes in serving investment, management and cryptocurrency clients see get to gain and maintain a competitive aged edge, and you can and then they put contact information there in a statement to CCN.

Let me see if I can find it here, they, the spokesperson for the real Nakamoto. Well, supposedly, you know these spokespeople. I put it right here. We're right here. Schumer we were. Where was, I think it was here.

They said this is absolutely not a PR son as far as a spokesperson for IV McLemore and when asked if the grander view is a public relations stunt to market the blockchain company. Like we've. Seen in the past, you guys remember the who is Satoshi website that was just the complete sham went after the grand view of the public relations stunt to market a blockchain company, McLemore told CCN, absolutely not so they're saying this is legit.

We associated with the real Satoshi, who seems to have been making a reveal now, if you head over to the Satoshi and Rh website it's, a very simple, I guess you could say for to say nice things website that is Satoshi and our Age it all it has is just an email form there you can fill out and subscribe.

So to me that is kind of shifty, because it's, basically a way to collect people's, emails, which is a big thing in in when it comes to marketing when it comes to companies right - and it just says very simply - My review part one Sunday, August 18th.

Nothing has changed on the website. There's, a little Twitter bottom on the bottom there that you can click and it links to like if it says this page doesn't exist because it doesn't even link you to Twitter, but you can go Ahead to Twitter and go to at Satoshi o NRH yourselves, and you can see well as of the time to be putting this out there.

Eight minutes ago, Satoshi Nakamoto said this is not about Fame power or riches. My reveal is about my original vision for blockchain and the freedom and liberation of the common man. Somebody said send ten Bitcoin for proof proof please.

So a lot of people are asking you know for legit proof like can we see you sign a private key anyway? This is gonna be coming in a quick time period. Supposedly the website, Satoshi NRH, was only registered about three days ago, made on a wordpress, very simple, easy to make site there's, no real proof or Inklings about who this might be just yet.

We're gonna, be getting that very soon. It's, gonna be something that's, going becoming over the period of the next three days, including today. So each day there's. Gon na be a different reveal, okay, so the second part is gonna be happening at 4:00 p.

m. tomorrow in the last part, at 4:00 p.m. on Tuesday, and it's. Gon na be talking about one of the region, reasons that that it's gonna be happy well, one of the reasons that's happening on the 18th is because that was a date that Bitcoin org was registered and supposedly he Had done it anyway, moving forward here definitely seems like it's, a lot of a big PR push if we go to Bitcoin talk to the post there, where the wolf 666 says this is a PR from a marketing company that wants to make The buzz using the name of Satoshi be Satoshi.

I totally hate that they paid $ 500 to spread their press release with a PR release, service and host the word press at Namecheap. They have nothing to do with the real Satoshi Nakamoto, and anyone can do this sort of budget lower than $ 1,000.

I hope one day Satoshi will pop up and Sue all these people who are illegally using his thing here's, the real PR for information. He puts a link to the post that I read, do not eat their poop and believe that they have any connection to Satoshi.

So I just want to give you the heads up cuz, that's kind of one of the main things everyone is talking about today to make sure that you guys can be a part of that conversation as it happening happens.

So, who knows? Maybe this really is Satoshi on one hand, we can't just outright dismiss it yet, because we don't know who this person is, we haven't, seen their evidence that they're, claiming that they Will be posting likely? This is gonna be a slowly release, since they're gonna be doing this over the period of the next three days.

So don't expect to get everything today. I doubt we & # 39. Ll get the identity today that'll, probably be the last part of it, and people who have signed up for the mailing lists have yet to receive any sort of email.

From what I'm, saying seen thus far, the Twitter account itself. Satoshi NRH only has 680. Followers is not following anyone that's. Quite a lot. You know it's, a quick way to get a pump. Let's say that it is just a PR marketing scheme.

It's, a quick way to get a quick boost of legit organic followers, but likely these aren't gonna be the kind of followers we're gonna really like you or stick around for product after you Have shamba after you've done a ShamWow, so I don & # 39.

T know that this is the best approach by any means to be doing this, but I there is that chance that it would be Satoshi, I suppose, unlikely. I think he would have first done something like signing his private key.

As I said on Twitter and then put that out there and said. Ok, so you can see that the original holder of the Genesis block first person, who minded that isn't able to spend that Bitcoin did sign a transaction holding those private keys and therefore this could be the individual that you're.

Either managed to get those keys somehow by extortion theft we're, actually having held them or otherwise. So that would be the first thing if I was to Toshi 8, I would do and then say it's. Gon na be a slow release, this is the company, and all of that I mean I would assume that would be more along the lines of what Satoshi would do being a cyberpunk.

Somebody was into there or it could be a group of individuals. No one really knows right: it could be people who are into that whole movement. Encryption movement, I feel like they wouldn't, be trying to get emails.

This isn't, something that & # 39. S. Associate was known for doing collecting lists of emails working through a PR company, but what do I know right? I never met that guy. Let me know what you guys think are we about to witness a toshi? Do you know who Satoshi is and what is off about all this if you catch something else that I might have missed talking about here, take care.

Much love, have a happy rest of your weekend on Sunday and stay cryptic peace.