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If you're new to the channel, do all the things all the other youtubers say. What is it smash that like button - and we very much appreciate it here? So let's, go ahead and get things started here by checking out what's going on with the markets and as you can see in the title it's really been ethereum show here.

Ethereum continues to rally almost hitting 290 dollars every day. In the last few days, ethereum has gone up at least 10 bucks a day. The first one was from 245 to around 262 dollars, then the next day, at 270, next day after that 280 dollars and climbing.

So we'll see if that trend does continue there's. Definitely a real reason for that. When you look at the charts we & # 39, ve showed you on this channel, eath versus btc and how it looked like it was getting ready for a rip roaring face splitting rally and that might be kind of hints of what is going on right now.

So, as we can see here on coin market cap kind of flat for the most part, finance coin is up 3.28 yeah, nothing too crazy. Some coins down some coins down uh up. I'm sorry and we have a total market cap of 287 billion 576 million dollars plus, and you might recall the last time i pointed out the market cap.

It was only around 200 and uh. What was it 277 billion? So it's, climbed about 10 billion dollars, since the last time that i remarked on that just a few days ago, crypto looking quite good at this time, so i mean yeah.

If you go over to twitter, you're, going to see this kind of thing there. This is direct bx wrecked account and that's, the smell of fire in the morning, all these shorts that were getting liquidated and it was just not for ethereum.

It was also happening with bitcoin, where the bears were getting hammered. I mean how many of you guys remember just probably around a year ago, last summer, when we were talking about how ethereum looked like it might be heading down to single digits.

Many of the analysts were saying: bitcoin was going down to eighteen hundred dollars, including uh russell russ uh. Mr albrecht ross ulbricht, who from prison, wrote up uh towards the end of last year.

Actually, it might have been the beginning of this year. How bitcoin looked like it was just about to get decimated, go down to at least four thousand bucks, and even he got proven wrong. So you can't, necessarily trust anyone as an expert just because they've, been around for a very long time.

These markets, with the amount of liquidity being injected by governments there's, never been a time despite the prior bull rallies that we've, seen in cryptocurrency and precious metals there's, never been a bigger and better reason For these things to climb than what is going on right now, i mean just talks about new stimulus payments and the amount of money that's, going to be injected and diluted.

It's, going to be insane if we head over to trading view right here. Uh yeah take a look at ethereum versus bitcoin. I drew a little bit of a line here, so you can get an idea for what i'm. Talking about towards the end there of 2019 uh, actually the beginning of 2019, you can see their january third ish 2019.

They kind of set a downtrend here for ethereum versus bitcoin, so bitcoin was just a better place to be instead of ethereum uh. I continued to hold my ethereum and expected that to break, but it didn't for a very long time, and recently we started remarking on how it did break that down trend, so it could be setting us up for a huge rally around the Beginning of this year, sure enough ethereum climbed it looks like the screen is black.

For us, the screen is black, oh, oh shoot. I have the orange text and the screen is black. Thank you guys for the heads up um. I i think i know exactly what's going on here. So let me uh just get a moment to fix that up.

I'm. Sorry about that that you haven't been able to see anything while i've been pulling up all these screen tabs. Let's, see monitor capture. I'm using a different browser that's, pretty much uh. What's going on here? I screwed up and i ended up on google chrome instead of the brave browser.

So let me just move this and fix this right, quick, all right, all right, all right and all right. Okay. For the most part, this should work for us. Thank you for the heads up guys and for my girlfriend for letting me know what you guys are saying, so that should do it for us, so yeah that's.

The downtrend right there that i was talking about in the beginning of 2019, the beginning of that little blue line that you can see right here and going downwards until it broke above that near the beginning of this year, around february, so a whole year.

In that kind of range and after it broke up, i mean what happened next was kovid, so kovit came around and we got smacked down just like most assets around the world. A lot of the reasoning for why cryptos got smashed down along with everything precious metals is that countries around the world have to pay their debts oftentimes in the u.

s dollar. It's where most debts are paid in that currency. They wanted to get use dollars and they were trying to get their hands on it. So they had to sell other assets. They might have been hodling in order to get those dollars until the federal reserve came in and started.

Creating credit well cr started creating swap lines. They're, called between different currencies and straight to other central banks. That kind of taper this off, along with everything else that they did so we began rallying again, and it looks like that was kind of a fluke, and now bitcoin is beginning to fulfill the promise that it started to do at the beginning of the year.

When we saw all that excitement, so if we look at the e uh at the eth versus usd chart, it gives us hints as to some of the major, the resistances in price, that we're gonna be coming across shortly. In fact, we're already touching one today, as you can see here, this was uh near the beginning of the year.

Of course, that was the first one here around 289 dollars, which is exactly where eth touched today before breaking down a bit and after that, if we do break through that, it looks like there's. A lot of momentum here for eth.

At this point, especially looking at the eth btc chart and not just the usd chart, which is the one that we're looking at now, then the next resistance would be somewhere here between. You know what i guess: the meme one that people on eath, finance and ether are saying is right here around 320 333.

I'm. Sorry being this point here, so we can easily climb up to there if we do break this in the short term could even happen this weekend or the beginning of this week, uh this coming week. Of course it's friday today and there's.

Usually some sort of that happens over the weekend. I wouldn't trust the trading too much, but with the strength that we're, seeing here, it very easily could hold us that level over over the next week.

And then after that i mean i mean what's. The next resistance right here - 476 bucks-ish, 490 500, is an interesting psychological point from there. If we break that next one is much higher around 823 and then moon right up there around the old all-time highs.

Fourteen hundred dollars, fifteen hundred dollars, plus so maybe an interesting time to be stacking eath, maybe not the uh, maybe the last time to begin accruing as much as you can before it rallies. I know certainly i'm hodling on here.

There are bearish signs here like we might be quite hot here and this resistance level that we're, touching, we might struggle to gain over it. We might get smacked back down. Maybe to this point here back to 200 bucks uh.

However, i'm, not really seeing it too much when you're looking at the news, which is why i follow it so closely here and share with you guys what is happening here. So if we go over to visa, they put this up there on the on their blog and it's called advancing our approach to digital currency, so they're, really serious about digital currencies.

What they're talking about here as a global payments technology company they say visa is focused on delivering the greatest value to people, businesses and economies everywhere, regardless of currency channel or form factor.

Obviously they're, giving some credit there to cryptocurrencies. We're reshaping money, mooney moves and moons across the globe, and that means pursuing a broad array of technologies and partnerships in that regard.

Digital currencies offer an exciting, exciting venue avenue for us to continue doing what we do best. Expanding our network of networks to support new forms of commerce, the concept of digital currency or digital versions of cash controlled by a private key, was created more than a decade ago, with the launch of bitcoin.

Today, fiat-backed digital currencies, commonly referred to as stable coins, have emerged as a promising new payment innovation combining the benefits of digital currencies with the stability of existing currencies like the us dollars.

Obviously, there's, some interest here in a stable coin. It's, a concept that is getting traction beyond fintechs and now includes financial institutions and central banks. Consumers and businesses are also adopting digital currencies and circulation is growing rapidly, reaching over 10 billion dollars in may.

So visa has been working closely, as you can see here, with huge platforms like coinbase and fold, and there are a plethora of digital currency, wallets and cards that have linked their services to visa.

I'm sure you've heard about some of those. So another thing that's. Interesting here is they mentioned their investments, for example, to anchorage a company building security infrastructure for the digital currency ecosystem, and the research team has been exploring the science of blockchain technology.

They continue for several years, including fi. Their research has yielded promising. Innovations such as those by zether and fly clients, so this gives us a hint about ethereum, possibly being where visa is going to be placing and building out their stablecoin as they have now dumped libra.

They have pretty much abandoned their partnership with facebook and in being a partner with libra we heard about earlier this year, and now we're, seeing that they might be interested, perhaps in creating their own digital currency and most likely a stable coin.

We can gauge from here, especially when they're, looking at at the metrics, like 10 billion dollars moved through stable coins, just in may right and it's, one of the main drivers of the theorem. So why ethereum? So if we look at the zether one of the companies that they did their research on, if we look at the just the beginning of their paper here so blockchain based smart contract platforms like ethereum, have become quite popular as a way to remove trust and add Transparency to distributed applications, while different types of important applications can be easily built on such platforms.

There does not seem to be an easy way to add a meaningful level of privacy to them, so you can see it's, going to incorporate those z bullet proofs right, those z cash like bullet proofs onto ethereum, so that's.

Uh obviously, ethereum's mentioned throughout here we implement zether as an ethereum smart contract and show the practicality of design by measuring the amount of gas used by the zether contract. So the fact that visa has been looking into this company and this company is focused on privacy on ethereum, quite fantastic and also fly client here, so they uh.

This is something that helps with creating light clients. So you don't have to sync an entire blockchain such as bitcoin or ethereums. They mention here uh, which could take a lot of space require hours, so they say to validate transactions.

Cryptocurrency such as bitcoin and ethereum require nodes to verify that a blockchain is valid. This entails downloading and verifying all blocks taking hours and requiring gigabytes of bandwidth and storage.

Hence, clients with limited resources cannot verify transactions independently without trusting full nodes. Bitcoin ethereum offer like clients known as simplified payment, verification or spv clients that can verify the chain by downloading only the block headers.

Unfortunately, the storage and banner requirements of sbv clients still increase linearly with the chain length. For example, as of july 2019, an sbv client in ethereum needs to download a store about four gigabytes of data, so this looks like it's, going to be blockchain agnostic as well.

Definitely a focus here in the white paper on bitcoin ethereum as use cases. So if we continue on to visa's, blog post, they say that they are going to be building out what they do with the digital currency ecosystem, with a set of key values which include security, privacy, integrity and trust, remaining currency and network agnostic.

They plan to support the digital currencies and blockchain networks that their clients and partners demand. Obviously, bitcoin and ethereum are some of the most demanded by clients because they're, some of the most widely held assets, as we can tell just by looking at the market cap.

Looking at the number of the addresses that exist, and obviously if you just go on social media, you can tell us those are some of the most talked about coins and some of the older, more reputable coins.

So i could imagine those would definitely be uh. Some of the focuses of visa, but visa cannot necessarily build a stable coin, which seems to be one of their interests on bitcoin. They will probably do that on ethereum, so that could be some of the reason that we're, currently seeing ethereum rally.

Even more besides just some of the technicals that we're looking at and also if you missed the news, i didn't get the opportunity to talk about this two days ago. This came up. U.S bank regulator grants authority for national banks and federal savings associations to custody crypto, so brian brooks is currently the controller comptroller of the currency.

He's, been there for just a little while and he used to work for coinbase as a chief compliant officer. If i'm correct with the exact title that he had there, he's since been working with the government again as comptroller of the currency and obviously someone who really supports cryptocurrencies understands them by having been part of one of the Mainstay crypto companies here and certainly one of the biggest in the united states.

I believe they have over 35 million customers and they're all around the world as well. So he's time. Finally, taking some of his understanding of cryptocurrency and bringing it to the forefront of financial innovation through the government by allowing national banks and savings to hold cryptocurrencies on behalf of customers, this is quite huge.

This offers us more clarification as to what banks can do in regards to cryptocurrency and being a custodian for that. So the announcement said applies to national banks and federal savings associations of all sizes.

That means pretty much any kind of institution. This kind of way continuing here it says uh, because digital currencies exist only on the blockchain or distributed ledger on which they are stored. There is no physical possession of the instrument; instead, the right to a particular unit of digital currency is transferred from party to party by the use of unique cryptographic keys.

Therefore, a bank holding digital currencies on behalf of a customer is actually taking possession of the crypto cur cryptographic. Access keys to that unit of cryptocurrency providing custody services for cryptocurrency falls within these long-standing authorities.

The occ goes on to say to engage in safe keeping and custody activities. Is that not what banks are supposed to do for individuals as discussed below? This is a permissible form of traditional banking activity that national banks are authorized to perform via electronic means.

Providing such services is permissible in both non-fiduciary and fiduciary capacities. A bank that provides custody for cryptocurrency in a non-fiduciary capacity would essentially provide safe keeping for the cryptographic key that allows for control and transfer of the customers cryptocurrency from safe deposit boxes to virtual vaults.

We must ensure banks can meet the financial services needs of their customers. Today, brooks said this opinion clarifies that banks can continue satisfying their customers needs for safeguarding their most valuable assets, which today, for tens of millions of americans includes cryptocurrency.

Let me take a moment. Thank you so much mt coiner for the heads up on pamp network. I i will check that out. I haven't had the opportunity uh, and i appreciate the donation, mr mt coiner and jordan johnson, hey brother.

What's up? Man? Hey hope you're doing well, have you heard of phantasma? No, i have not. I had bought a bag a couple of weeks ago and it's up 90, since damn dude. I'm, so happy to hear that uh yeah, i haven't.

I haven't yet if you think it has a a nice promising future, then i & # 39. Ll. Definitely check that out. Thank you for the tip jordan johnson. I've, just been so uh happy honestly with some of the recent investments i made obviously chain link paid off.

Currently i'm doing quite well on harmony, the one coin. The harmony protocol has continued to do really. Well, i think i'm up about 40 since recently investing in that after mentioning it, i think, on the show and how i thought it was promising and also uh the render token it's been very volatile.

It goes up and down, but coinbase is considering it. I showed how dead mouse was using it for rendering. I believe some major services like amazon are no longer doing rendering it might not be amazon.

I think it's. Google. Actually so there's, a huge need for that and a niche for that so uh the team is, is quite fantastic, so those are some of the ones i'm focused on, but i'll, be looking for other Opportunities and i appreciate the heads up guys on panthon network and fantasma, if you have any more info, please let me know in the comments down below or if you are an investor.

Besides these two fine gentlemen uh, then please, let me know uh what you think about those projects guys so uh mike dudas said here and he's, actually one one who was involved before recently, leaving, i believe here, the block.

The block. Crypto is a media site. It's, a big crypto journalist. They pretty much abridge a lot of the major news that's going on. I really appreciate it for the quick snippets of news, as you can see here, although they don't go as in depth as other places and it seems like sometimes they rip news from other sources uh.

I i do appreciate the quick glance, and so i check it out all the time, but mike dude has left left them recently. It looks like he's been a hardcore bitcoiner right i mean on twitter. He has been definitely quite the maximalist.

After seven years of a hundred percent btc, i sold 15 of my btc. He said today for eth, quite insane, we have some of these no coiners, i mean bitcoin maximalists. They're, not no coiners, who are now switching over to eth.

Finally, paying attention - and i can'- t - really fault them for the for it right, although i think that mike do this is about five six years too late, since the theorem has been around and shown, i was a completely different mission than bitcoin and Has again fulfilled that machine with this promise of fundraising, with uh defy and just so many other things uh it's.

It's. Nice to see that mike is paying attention now to eth. I think eth is going to continue to be more and more difficult to ignore and certainly now i still think it's quite early. I don't think he's, a late, adopter or laggard, certainly compared to some of the tech people on twitter he might be, but it's still quite early in the game, in my opinion, so i want to Welcome mike to the crew here, uh and apple co-founder, uh, steve wozniak, who was the cto at apple, he pretty much built all of the products early on that made uh apple, huge right, a huge, simple uh set of hardware that people could use and wouldn't have to be very technical about.

He was quite brilliant in doing that, and building out these things, he is now suing youtube. As you know, you might have even seen before this video an ad. There are ads for cryptocurrency scams where they take the likenesses, the images, the videos, old speeches, old things that are set everything and they place them in an advertisement here on youtube and have scammed, maybe even hundreds of thousands of dollars out of people doing this.

Certainly, throughout the the year there's, been millions of dollars worth of cryptocurrency scams that have succeeded, and yet youtube has not done very much while real businesses cryptocurrency channels are not allowed to advertise on google and through google's products.

These scammers are getting away despite reports that many of you are doing and others are doing. They're, getting away and continue to do this. You know i don't, think it's right at all, and neither does steve wozniak, so he and 17 other plaintiffs are suing google youtube for allowing these scams to continue using their likenesses to get away with money.

So, just because a lot of their algorithms, the the lawsuit says just because their algorithms are, for the most part, automated doesn't mean there. Shouldn't, be people who who are looking into this, especially when there are multiple reports of this kind of fraudulent activity going on.

So hopefully this does fix and bring a greater awareness to youtube as to what is going on with these scams. So people don't make crypto look bad, at least on youtube. I mean it's enough personally, as a youtuber that youtube, basically only when you search shows mainstream sources, app uh, abc nbc, cnn fox.

When you search for anything these days, you basically have to be in the club to find content on youtube uh from yourself. If not you're, just gonna find whatever they think is fact checked and right.

I remember when youtube used to be about pretty much anyone just recording a video and sharing their own personal opinions, their own experiences, their own perspectives and create a video that people build commun built created videos that people build communities around and now it'S getting increasingly difficult to get found just because of the way that google, which, by the way says they're, not a publisher.

They do not censor right. They do not. Unless it's, something illegal. They're, not a publisher, but it seems very much like publishing when they're picking and choosing what gets ahead regardless of likes and views and interest.

So this is a problem i would say absolutely with google. If they're going to be an open platform, then be an open platform. Don't just say it: it's hard enough that we can & # 39. T get found now, like you're, more likely to find cnbc when you search for cryptocurrency than the average crypto channel.

But on top of that we have all. These scams live streams that are running and getting ahead of legitimate content. Regardless of what you have been doing - and i know many of you are downvoting those things reporting - those things youtube has not been helpful, so maybe this lawsuit from steve wozniak will finally help in this regard, uh at least my fingers are crossed right.

Uh, hey tech, ken thanks for the donation, man that's on, converted 0.5 btc, and i'm. I'm up 50 since last night, dan, that seems uh. That seems pretty steep uh. I don't know when i hear that big of a winning that quickly, it kind of scares me, especially when it's just related to btc.

I'm, not entirely sure on year, in dot finance, i haven't looked into it. Maybe it is legitimate um, but yields that higher kind of scary to me tekken that's, my personal opinion, but i appreciate you letting me know about that.

One i didn't know and for the donation and naomi hey naomi nice to see you it's been a while naomi uh finally made a live stream after three years. Really, this is your first live stream. I can't believe that, after three years i it just must have been comments that you left.

I could have sworn you'd, been here appreciate all your hard work, uh, omar and elle yeah elle is amazing. In the background. She's, the one that makes the set look so good. She's, brilliant with the lighting, and i'm hands off with the focusing in the camera.

These days she's, become such an expert and such an asset to the channel. She's, really amazing, jordan, uh yeah bro. I think fantasma has legs. I'll. Send you something later yeah. Please do jordan! The market cap extremely small right now that's, where you get the gains that is very true: uh thanks, jordan, yeah.

I look forward to that and archie what about blue zell bro? I'm, not sure what blue zell is either, but if you want to send me something as well archie something to read, i will certainly take a look at it and i appreciate that donation from you as well so uh maker, dao.

Finally jeez. I cannot believe this when i read the news. I was honestly surprised. I don't, do much trading these days, especially on binance. Technically, i'm, not allowed to being a u.s citizen, but i actually have found that i'm, not really stopped, even as being a u.

s citizen like granted. I'm unverified on binance, but i can still log in to trades if i felt like it, but i just don't trade. For my own personal reasons, i'm a hodler, so i haven't noticed that maker dao wasn't on finance and it just got listed on binance.

As you can see here. I honestly i'm, so surprised that it wasn't, but it definitely gave a bit of fuel to maker, which is up again quite substantially over 500 after recently, breaking below that, certainly nice to see more liquidity and options for trading Maker, outside of you know, coinbase for for various reasons which i'm.

Sure you're sure of, and also i encourage you to check this out on i don't, always recommend their articles as good, but i think this is a good article. It's called mempool manipulation, enabled theft of 8 million dollars in maker, dow collateral on black thursday, so there was uh something that happened.

If you were on this channel, you probably saw me talk about it somewhat. This article goes into detail as to exactly what happened on black thursday, that's when the covid crisis really hit finances around the world and caused a smackdown and the smackdown was so severe in the price of eth that maker dial that has eath There as collateral for the various dye, the stable coin, that that is printed well, it became completely de-collateralized because of an exploit that someone took advantage of.

They took advantage specifically of the nonce in ethereum. The non-syn ethereum is just a way to order transactions from your specific wallet. So let's say you send a transaction for five eth right now that'll, be let's, say example: nonce one that'll, be one! Then you do another transaction later it'll.

Be nonce too, and then you do another one later on it'll be nonce three, so each one has to be added in a consecutive order. So you can't, have someone trying to double spend on ethereum, so the nonce from a specific account goes up with time.

So someone took advantage of that by basically flooding the ethereum network and congesting it prior to the attack with a lot of low gas fee transactions like a huge amount. An unrealistic amount of report has come out and they shouldn & # 39.

T have been included. Basically, in a block in doing so, they filled up what's called the mempool, which is a list of transactions uh every com, every node that is processing these transactions mining blocks, has a limited amount of space in the mempool for transactions.

To pick to include in a block, obviously they pick the ones that have the guy the highest gas fees so that they can make more money as a miner. So when the mempool got flooded with all these low gas cost transactions that should not have been mined, it basically created a situation where the mempool had no space left, and these hackers were able to put all sorts of bids with a huge gas price attached to It the quite opposite of it.

They put these huge gas fees attached these transactions that bid zero bucks, basically for uh, for these uh for for for the for the system for the system in order during these auction bids that take place afterwards, where the system needs to make money maker.

I know i'm, not completely explaining i'd, have to explain maker in detail check out the post. If you don & # 39, t want to understand what what i'm trying to allude to here. I can't, do it in too much detail, but in nutshell, let's say that the system is lacking collateral.

There are auctions that take place where you can get cheaper maker to go ahead and get more money into the system and maker gets sold through these auctions, and you can scoop up maker, perhaps even cheaper.

There are a lot of automated systems that go in there and have participated in these auctions. That happened uh that happen rather quickly. They're about 10 minutes every single auction and you can bid on those.

The problem was because the mempool was so filled up because the network became so congested, so many people selling, ethereum and selling other assets. It got to these uh auctions. Basically, where the this individual, the high gas cost, was able to get ahead of legitimate bots that were automating.

These bids and scoop up this, this cryptocurrency extremely cheap under collateralizing, the system further and basically disrupting all of maker, which is why maker took a huge hit and really created a sense of distrust in the whole system.

The only one of the main ways the maker became collateralized again was because they added usdc a centralized, a somewhat centralized stable coin, which to me is kind of a negative, but at the same time i think it's.

Great that the whole system could manage to come back up for the most part in a decentralized way. Um it's. It was a wild story and i highly recommend just for your understanding of cryptocurrency history.

You take uh the time to read this and you'll, understand a little bit more about maker and exactly what happened on black thursday there and some of the fixes that were put in place. So this doesn't happen in the future, for example, extending how long the auction takes place so that these automated bots can do the right thing and have time to uh to bid things ahead of the exploits that might be taking place.

Uh it. It definitely gives me more trust to know that that exists, and there were multiple steps and fixes taking place to make sure that maker is more sustainable in the event of something more catastrophic like this in the future and uh yeah bitcoin is a form of money.

In dc, i just saw this right before starting this video federal court rules according to coindesk bitcoin is a form of money covered under the washington dc money, transmitters act. The federal court said on friday here according to coindesk.

Well that's. That is not right. I don't know why they linked this. This is obviously not the right court case uh. I want to give you a heads up there, but anyway, in the case of oh, i guess it is. In the united states versus harmon chief judge, beryl, a howell wrote that money is commonly means, a medium of exchange, method of payment or store of value.

Bitcoin is these things judge howell said defining bitcoin as money was integral to the court's decision to not dismiss criminal charges against larry harmon, the operator of an unlicensed bitcoin trading platform for laundering money under federal law.

The court's. Comments mean that bitcoin is treated as money in the context of money, transmission, licensing in dc and no more so. It might not be all that according to niraj agrawal, but they took a stance there.

It's in court that you know if they want to continue with this case. Crypto is a form of money, and that me might be another reason to rally from here. It definitely sets somewhat of a precedent that can come up in courts into the future uh cryptocurrencies just hard to ignore guys and uh the regulations and the regulators.

Friendly regulators, like brian, brooks out there we'll, see if he stays controller of the currency. Much longer i hear there's, a sign that he might not be comptroller very long uh, but him saying that banks can now hold cryptocurrencies.

I think it's, a good thing. I think it creates clarity to jump back to that point, for example, but it doesn't mean the banks are going to be quick to adopt cryptocurrencies. He recommended that they, for example, build out secure systems like visa said they're focused on security, and they've been researching crypto for years, but they haven't really done built their own things just yet.

They look like they're about to announce something special, but they're obviously focused on security, and i would hope that banks, regardless of size right a bank of any institution federal savings association of any size, can now hold cryptocurrency.

So hopefully they are focused on security. First sure there will be a high level of demand. Imagine you open up bank of america or whatever bank you have, and you can see your cryptocurrencies right there that creates trust for individuals who might not even have cryptocurrency right now.

So frankly, i'm excited about what that will bring for the medium and long term as hopefully, these uh banks build out things, but do so securely for the for even greater trust for cryptocurrency anyway, that's.

Pretty much the show that i have here for you guys. I hope you enjoyed some of the thoughts some of the news that we discussed here. I wish you a fantastic weekend as always, and i'll finish you a quote of the day with a quote of the day.

We must accept finite disappointment, but never lose infinite. Hope by martin luther king jr that's. The show guys take care, much love and stay cryptic: [, Music, ] peace, [, Music, ]. You