What the Bitcoin "Super-Cycle” Really Means

We know what a bull market is, what it looks like what it feels like, but do you know what a super cycle is? What that looks like what that feels like today? I will share with you why some analysts in the space think we are at the beginning of one and their data, backed reasoning for predicting.

Why we, we might be in one, but with the man accredited for much of the gamestop movement now being sued by the sec for simply sharing his investment thesis online. I must now protect myself with a disclaimer.

This is not financial advice, not today lads. I i said the thing: is this a super cycle? It's, not something i've paid much attention to in all honesty, but the general idea of one is gaining popularity.

So i'll share my investment thesis and let you decide smash like if you are strapped in either way. First, it's, important to know what the difference is. As discussed in my last video by most respected prediction models we have.

We're around halfway into the bull market nice. This is the train of thought i personally ascribe to as the most realistic i don't see evidence to rationally reject these theories plus, i also hope to god it's.

True, a super cycle, on the other hand, would see us be placed much earlier in the total price rise, so ending with a far higher price target, and while there would be a correction, there would not be an 80 percent crash.

Like the previous cycles. It's literally. The idea that we've entered a new paradigm and that this time it's different. Why would anyone say that people said the same in 2017, don't, you know, but were they actually wrong or just a little early with their predictions? I'd, like to hear them out at least the popular train of thought, known as elliott.

Wave theory introduced by ralph nelson elliott stated that wave-like patterns could be used to predict potential future scenarios. This was first published in his book. I kid you not titled nature's laws, the secrets of the universe.

Eliot stated that, because man is subject to rhythmical procedure, calculations having to do with his activities can be projected far into the future, with a justification and certainty heretofore. Unattainable, hey that's, pretty good.

This is not filling me with confidence. Yet, having said that, there's merit to the idea. Normal bull cycles are clearly observable: expansion boom recession, depression currently in the fourth repetition of this, and most projections.

Quite rightly, go from what we've seen happen and could expect in the future, but these are based on repeating similar waves. While a super cycle would basically be a flood, what bitcoin super cyclists would argue is that these projection models of similar waves take none of the following into account: a global pandemic, leading to the creation of more money faster than ever before, institutions converting cash reserves to Bitcoin as a safe haven or otherwise asset, the practical weaponization of ideas and or memes, and the rapid expansion of services around bitcoin, [, Music, ] and wow.

All those points are valid. The price is already appreciated. As a result, it's really. The last one that's crucial to a super cycle. Let's! Look at the data using what's, known as the metcalf's. Law first used to derive a value of communicating devices like the fax machine and telephone networks.

It was later adapted to place a value on social networks that exist on the internet. The more users there are, the more valuable a network becomes, and bitcoin is no exception. If you plot users to price, there definitely appears to be some correlation.

In fact, at current growth, metrics 300 000 is predicted. This year feel good stuff. Now this is far from a guarantee but suggests if current adoption continues, anything less would be undervalued and literally be breaking the law you wouldn't want to do that.

Now, would you stop right there, criminal, scum? Would this then equate to a super cycle? Actually, no, this model assumes the user curve will grow at historic rates, which at this point may be an unfair assumption to make for all the aforementioned reasons.

Satoshi himself put it. This way, as the number of users grows, the value per coin increases that has the potential for a positive feedback loop as users increase, the value goes up which could attract more users to take advantage of the increasing value and it's.

So much easier for that to happen now, as dan held put it on his, what bitcoin did podcast, we also have a much more vast retail customer segment. Eventually, you're gonna be able to buy bitcoin everywhere, which means bitcoin can now tap into all demand that it wants.

So the whole thesis of a super cycle is the idea that more users, higher price, more users, sort of spinning out of control things happening quicker than any of us expect, which is exactly what some analysts are pointing to kathy woods of arc, invest theorizes, if other Us-Based institutions were to put single digit percentages of their cash reserves into bitcoin.

The cryptocurrency would rise to somewhere in the 400 to 500 000 range. Literally, the world's, largest investment firm blackrock, saying they're dabbling with it. That's, not something prediction. Models are necessarily taking into consideration where bitcoin goes much higher than anyone expects.

We are talking here of a million dollar bitcoin, if not close. But if you're, a smart cookie, you might be asking yourself: why would they all buy bitcoin, especially when so expensive? Why not stocks? They get dividends on those at least they have a lot of stock.

Already. No doubt about that. The truth is there's, two criteria that large firms would look for in investments, low risk with upside potential and or preservation of wealth through safe diversification.

Bitcoin is the most diverse asset, but it is also grown on average 300 per year and been the best performing asset class for 10. Out of the last 12 years. I won't talk about those dark days there you have it folks that has been the news from your dedicated host crypto daily bitcoin amazingly still represents the best of both worlds to investment firms.

It's, actually gotten quite ridiculous. It's gotten to a point now, where you really don't need need to believe in a digital peer-to-peer currency anymore, for it to make sense financially. So to summarize, is there merit to the idea of a super cycle? Absolutely we haven't even discussed governments adopting bitcoin as part of their balance sheets, which the super powers wouldn't do not yet but emerging economies.

It's, probably getting hard to not at least listen to what's happening. Does the data point to a super cycle? No, quite the opposite. It is just a theory that all current prediction models can't accurately account for a virality loop, viralness, yeah, basically merging this cycle and the next one or two into one.

Do i personally believe this is what's gonna happen as much as i want to believe being greedy and fearful are just parts of human nature that i don't think bitcoin will escape from just yet in fact cryptocurrency as A whole is probably the most irrational and emotional market on the planet if it wasn't for michael saylor and the grayscale loophole.

I discussed in this video i'm, not sure where we would be at right now. So thank you. Michael, but what i do believe is a hundred thousand dollar bitcoin seems like a very realistic, even low ball scenario for a top this year because of everything we've discussed in this video and if we don & # 39, t see a million Dollar bitcoin in this cycle.

Well, then, maybe the next smash like if you're, going to be around for that and or enjoyed this video, sorry that it took me so long to make. I was actually looking into this topic all week. I kind of have a problem with concentration.

I get distracted all too easily. I'm, actually looking to hire more researchers to help me with this stuff. If you're good and can maybe show me some of your work shoot me, a message on twitter dms are open, love to hear from you, but thank you for watching, see you on the next one: hey everyone welcome back today, i'm going to do a project overview on prime xbt.

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