YouTube Crypto CENSORSHIP?? Chris Dunn TV, Chico Crypto, Heidi, (and others?) being targeted

What's up everybody? I need to make this video right now and I figured I'd. Just do it live because it's, something that I just found out about and is really really upsetting me because, like this could affect so many different people and and and philosophies and ideas related to crypto, that it's.

Bothering me too a great deal, even though I just found out about it, and I need to make sure that you're aware of it, so that you can help as a story unfolds. Honestly, I like okay, so let me let's start from the beginning here, so I log into Twitter.

You know I'm in the background, listening to documentaries, about how narratives are controlled and how algorithms are existing to try to protect us from what we search for, for example, when we search for something like if you wanted to search for certain subject.

How those who create the algorithms might miss like redirect us towards the kind of views that they want us to see and how they're, able to kind of and hunter legit trying to create that as a real movement as a way to control People a people think away from dangerous philosophies, but really this could be moved toward pretty much anything and how this lines up with something I just found out about that YouTube basically removed Chris, like attacked Chris Dunn's channel so insanely and it's got me so pissed off, I know I know, can go Zach.

We all need to get off YouTube honestly. So let me, let me read it to you guys. So, Chris Dunn, Chris Dunn, if you don & # 39, t, know really cool character. In the crypto space man thanks a lot Campos actually out the float app yeah.

We really do need to be moving to these decentralized systems and stop trusting so much of like Google and Facebook. I know you hear all the time it sounds like like whatever, but it's real serious. I mean take a look at this, so Chris done just removed, he wrote YouTube just removed most of my crypto videos, citing harmful or dangerous content and sale of regulated goods.

It's been 10 years of making videos 200k, Plus subs and 7 million plus views. What the are you guys doing team to be tagged, so I mean like if you you can't really see on the screen right now, but it says your content was removed due to a violation of Community Guidelines.

Your video, how I'm, investing right now, will remove because it violates a harmful and dangerous policy. Your channel now has one strike, so he has a strike. If you got three strikes, you lose your entire channel.

It's just gone. I've had them before, and then you can. He listed a bunch of videos there that they've, tagged now as harmful or dangerous content and look at the titles of these videos. So how I'm, investing right now, Tim Draper's prediction: how blockchain will change the world how to trade? Five major crypto market cycles, so just information on trading, like literally just object, information the future of initial coin offerings.

Seventeen lessons for traders and investors keep in mind. Chris, mostly just does educational content. He's AI. As far as I know, he doesn't, really recommend buying anything. Specifically it's. Just information, objective information, fifty crypto trading and investing lessons from the last five years is Bitcoin.

Really money I mean: do those titles seem harmful or dangerous, or do they does? This seem like this is insane, and so I was like. Let me login to my youtube channel and guys please get on there and get on Twitter right now.

Look up Chris Dunn TV with two ends, Chris Dunn and please retweet. This we can't allow this like on to just fly by the wayside and ignore it. This is an attack on all of crypto. Keep this in mind. This could signal that they're, trying to stop the spreading of crypto a blockchain for whatever reasons pressure from governments, pressure from the execs at YouTube or Google for whatever - and I see malicious means that they have on their end yeah.

Maybe the feds getting their nervous. That's, a good point. I'm. It's. I'm baffled, trying to process this right now, so mmm so yeah Chris Dunn had messaged me on YouTube. I noticed actually about 20 minutes ago, and he had asked me before sharing that tweet has YouTube taken down any of your videos.

They just took down almost all of my crypto, because I was like crap so like I had just logged into YouTube. After seeing his tweet notice that my channel, it has not yet yet it's. What I said to him yet in parentheses, been attacked but like most of us trying to make some sort of living honestly off of YouTube, and we we do try.

Many of us try to stay objective. It's. It's, baffling to me that somebody like Chris Dunn, is being targeted right now and lets me know that some of your favorite channels could be targeted. I mean like if I Chris Dunn right now.

I would literally find something else to do. Imagine that happens to your favorite channel and Jenna wasn't even crypto related the power. These corporations have, like many of you, remember, Alma. You & # 39, ve got a warning today.

Crypto tips got a warning and one video has been removed. Okay, this is obviously becoming a bigger thing. Like I just heard about Chris, but I don't know if it's, gonna be something that's affecting even more people.

Now we're hearing from Heidi a video is posted over three years ago, so they're, going retro actively. It looks like back and and starting to to target stuff on on their own, like they don't have to give you a reason right, harmful or dangerous content like harmful or dangerous content.

So what they're trying to say is that people got burned by crypto just in general, and so they're gonna be attacking the YouTube channels like that is. That is really upsetting, so yeah, it does seem like it's, a war that could be beginning on crypto right now, but you do have a voice and we can't.

Let this stand just for what this means for, for I mean whether it's, democracy or ideas in general, and the control of that this is extremely upsetting. I'm gonna stand with Chris, so, like I have stack there when I retweeted it, I stand with Chris and we need to be tagging YouTube.

We need to be tagging, Google. We need to be tagging honestly. The heads and letting them know this is not right, because just they come for somebody else, they could be coming for you or your favorite channel.

So this is absolutely cool. Chieko crypto had issues yeah. I've, had issues in the past, but never to anything of this degree where it's like they tagged a bunch of videos, a seem quite objective. The most I've ever had.

I think was like two videos at one point, I'm, like cool D monetized, but this is like a strike like he could lose his channel right now. I want to know if any other youtubers having problems too. This is problematic.

We do need to be moving somewhere else. Like I said I've been publishing on library. I've, been publishing oil moving it. My concerts library, I've, been sharing my videos, but the problem is that they're, still hosted on YouTube.

My videos are hosted on YouTube. The only other platform that really is like copying them and making them live on outside of just YouTube's. Embedding function would be library, so I would say libraries doing that the good thing right now, even steam.

It, for example, I'm, just sharing links to it so yeah this this just got posted an hour ago. Let me see John Brady says: establishment can only live for so long reality will be revealed and mass will not be happy.

I, like art class, hoping I'll, have enough time to setup complete surveillance state that's. Really. What this is it's, a way to control things, make crypto look bad, even though it is a sound or money.

In my opinion than anything that is issued by governments and fiha and at least allowing that discussion to happen, I think is the right thing to do and it's not like cryptocurrency is illegal. So why is sharing information about cryptocurrency, illegal or sharing objective information, how to make trades or or or lessons that someone made on trading, because trading is, as far as I know, is not illegal, so why? Why is that being done right now and how could this be a mistake? Somebody went in there and tagged those video specifically.

Could it be that someone targeted Chris Dunn, maybe even another, youtuber and and and maybe other youtubers, you know? Maybe they're going after youtubers and they're, trying to tag their videos and getting them reported, mainly as a competition like people were talking about Gavin Woods, article on how 2020 is gonna be war, basically on the blockchain and Talking about competitive how competitive these companies are going to become, even if it's done subliminally and in ways that are not so apparent, and that does happen also on YouTube.

So i would recommend retweeting that, even if it was a mistake on Google's end because they had to remove those videos simply because it got reported enough times that they & # 39. Re. Aware that you know Chris isn't.

Trying to do wrong by people and those videos, aren't, malicious, malicious and Bo any clarity on this matter. We absolutely need clarity on this matter. I remember when and and again what I was gonna say earlier and you many of you might remember how people were at me, but they were coming at me on Twitter and on Instagram and telling me.

Why did you remove me from your Facebook group? What is the censorship I shared whatever and they thought? Maybe that was a reason that I removed them from the Facebook group. It was not Facebook deleted.

The entire group banned my personal account that I used my personal Facebook page that I've, been using since high school to create that group. They banned like 15 of my mods and administrators, and we were one of those groups on Facebook.

Over a hundred thousand people in the group - and we we had 15 mods because we were there to make sure that referral links will remove the spam was removed that anything that was malicious was removed.

We have to have eyes on that page all the time, because just constantly people going in there trying to scam people - and we did her best to remove things immediately and we did not get a response from Facebook or personal accounts were deleted.

My girlfriend Grif Greene myself, my girlfriend sister, all these people got our personal pages deleted, had to start brand new ones, and we realized just like the power that we gave these corporations by me by by by just using their platform, you have literally no rights.

They can remove you whenever they want and not even give you an excuse for doing that, and it's, not something that I've, really seen Google well, I guess they have been doing that they kind of did that with Alex Jones in certain ways, you could argue whether his stuff wasn't, malicious or now, but one day at least when it comes to Kristin's case and what I'm hearing now from Heidi and when I'm hearing from Chicco crypto and someone shared that here that is scary.

I agree that is absolutely scary, so please get out there. I post it on my Twitter page. It gets up Chris Dunn, TV on Twitter and retweet that tag YouTube, and let me know that's, not right. That is absolutely evil.

For a company Google who's whose tagline is do no evil. This seems like quite the opposite of that, because you're seriously, harming at least one person and all his followers who do rely on those information, and I personally feel Chris Dunn to be one of the good guys in the space.

So we can't let that stand. Hopefully he gets that fixed and resolved and gets that strike removed with a strike. You cannot live stream, you can't, you lose a lot of functionality honestly on YouTube and that could really affect them.

It has with me in the past when I & # 39. Ve served my three-month sentences, but if I don't, I don't know with all those videos being tagged. You might get those three three strikes and loses channeled alright, and that could be a way that you could see your favorite youtuber removed.

So if you value YouTube as as a resource for your crypto information, I think you need to just not let the stand and please get the word out there. You can share this. Video share. Kristen's. Tweet share it on Facebook, share it everywhere.

So people can at least have that information and do what they need to do. So. Thank you guys very, very much. I. This is really upsetting me right now and I'm, and I'm gonna try to see how this develops so join me in that one, at least.

If I ask you for anything, take care.